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3D Designer

Meysam owned an Interior Design company in his home country, Iran. He is now in the process of attaining a V-Ray diploma and specialising in laser cutting. Meanwhile, Meysam is looking for a studio and equipment where he can develop his talent.



Actress + Podcaster

Basak is a real performer. Born in Turkey, Basak is experienced in comic/script writing, production, acting, theatre and music. Since arriving in NL, she has worked with 'Wat We Doen' as an actress, produced her own web series, and worked on theatre productions. 

hadi mahmoudi filmmaker


Assistant Director 

Sam spent the last 10 years as an assistant producer in theatre and cinema in Iran, his home country, as well as countless hours of experience in radio and podcasting. He was recently an assistant coordinator in '18 Century Orchestra.' He dreams of becoming a director of films with a social impact.



Wessam is an independent artist and owner of WSM-arts, from Syria and based in Amsterdam.Since arriving here, he has launched several art exhibitions and few workshops.His mission to expand his creative network (especially in Amsterdam) as he begins applying histalents to product development.


Graphic Design + Film

Mussie is an Eritrean-born and Amsterdam-based graphic designer with over 10 years of experience, in official documents including passports and licences. He is currently starting a new adventure in the Netherlands as a fashion photographer.

hadi mahmoudi filmmaker


Branding + Graphic Design

Pinar is experienced in Marketing and Communications. She used to work for Turkish Airlines, in between the creative director and the creative team. Since arriving in NL from Turkey, she has been seeking opportunities to connect with people on creative projects. She would love to find an engaging position at an advertising agency. 



Fashion Designer 

Famil is a multi-talented creative from Azerbaijan. He currently has his own sustainable fashion project 'Metafysica,' developed through 'Kauseffect.' He also has experience in digital marketing and art management. He dreams of establishing his own studio, but for now is looking for a creative job in the fashion, museum, or theatre sectors to build a strong network.


Visual Storyteller

Born in Syria, Heba is a visual storyteller. She is an experienced photographer who would love to become a film director. Completely self-taught, she would like to follow a film-making course here in the Netherlands in order to work towards her dream of producing festival films that inspire.

hadi mahmoudi filmmaker


Fashion Designer

Born in India, Rucha is an experienced fashion and costume designer. Until 2017 she had her own firm, and is now looking to rebuild her network by working in tailoring, design or production. Ultimately, Rucha would like to relaunch her career as a fashion designer her in the Netherlands.

mais shourbaji


Musician + Sound Design

Misagh is a musician and sound designer from Iran. He is experienced in producing sound design and dubbing teams, and most recently leading technical and sound production operations for an international media corporation in Iran. He currently facilitates music workshops at AZC.

hadi mahmoudi filmmaker


DJ + Musician

Iranian-born Amir is a musician and DJ. Now living in the Netherlands, he is looking to develop his career by studying sound engineering, production or studio management. 



Mohammed is from Yemen. He is an IT specialist, familiar with Payton and R, SCL systems. He just arrived from India where he worked as a medical coordinator for the UAE embassy. He is currently looking for a position in an IT company in NL and dreams of establishing his own research centre for data and financial consultancy.


Painter + Doll-Maker

Abbas is a painter from Iran. He currently works as a freelancer with the Eye Museum and 'Molen van Sloten,' but is looking for a regularly paid job in museums, art studios, and ateliers in Amsterdam.  He is also a doll-maker, so would also love to work with puppet shows, theatres, or as an art teacher.

mais shourbaji


Interior Designer

Syrian-born Danyal is trained as a technician and baker, but he would like to  develop his creative side by focussing on photography and interior design. He is working to build a network her in the Netherlands in order to find an interior design position. 

hadi mahmoudi filmmaker


Editing + Graphic Design  

Debah worked as an editor in her come country, Eritrea. She independently learned to format and edit newspapers. She spent 7 yers working with journalists and the editor-in-chief. She is skilled InDesign and Photoshop.


Embroidery Manager

Dina was the vice president of her embroidery factory in Syria. She worked with clients on colours, design, and concept development. Now in the Netherlands, she is working on her  Dutch and on her computer skills. She is looking for work in an atelier or with a female empowerment organisation.


Fine Arts + Law

Maryam has 11 years of experience as a civil and insurance lawyer in Iran. Now living in the Netherlands, she would like to develop your creative side. She is currently focused on learning Dutch B1, computer program skills and deliberating on her future as an artist or as a lawyer. 

mais shourbaji


TV + Radio Presenter

Nivin used to produce and present a radio program on one of the biggest media channels in Syria. She co-founded Sonono Radio Station here in Amsterdam and was the producer and presenter until 2016. She now dreams of broadcasting her own radio show in Arabic, and is looking to pitch it. 

gandy mansour


2D + 3D Animator

Gandy is an Art Director and talented Animator from Syria. He has spent many years working with the biggest animation companies in the Middle East, as well as developing a freelance career and leading his own team. No stranger to restarting from scratch, Gandy is now re-creating his passionate career here in the Netherlands. 


Creative Director 

Amin is a creative mastermind from Iran looking for a fresh start. With experience as an assistant supervisor in an architecture firm as well as content creation & social media management, his broad skill set has led him to a unique opportunity to branch out & explore new creative fields.


Fashion Designer

O'Neil has an unwavering eye for daring fashion design. In Trinidad & Tobago, he was well known for his beautiful carnival pieces. Now in the Netherlands, O'Neil wants to start his own fashion business, and feels his unique design skill set could led itself well to theatrical and costume design.    

mais shourbaji



Born in Syria, Mais fell in love with photography at an early age and first began by documenting orphaned children in Syria in partnership with the UN. Now experienced in event photography as well, she is planning to get her freelance licence to continue her career here in the Netherlands.   

hadi mahmoudi filmmaker



After completing a Master’s in Civil Engineering, Iranian-born Hadi stumbled upon a unique passion for film after a Creative Media course here in The Netherlands. Now focusing on developing a freelance career, he is currently making monthly films for Hogeschool Van Amsterdam, while setting up his own company: Mediam Studio.


Theatre + Interior Design 

Born in Syria and trained in Interior Design here in The Netherlands, Wael is now studying theatre design! He is currently specialising in costume and set design, and was one of the designers for Political Catwalk in 2019. He also finds the time to experiment with stop-motion film production. 

loujain ahmad


Abstract Painter

Born in Armenia, Goog is passionate about using different techniques to make his art more accessible to a broader audience. His work provides viewers a solid base to see things from a different angle and he hopes that these new perspectives will have a lasting impact the world.

gandy mansour


Fine Artist

Born in Syria, Amjad has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Until 2010, he enjoyed work as a Designer and Illustrator and founded an artists society in Damascus. Also experienced in teaching, Amjad is currently seeking a position as an art instructor. He is hoping to soon launch his portrait project that he began back in Damascus.


Illustration + 3D Visualization 

Mohamad studied Animation and Design in Syria, his home country. He has since developed a career as a Digital Illustrator and 3D Artist, specialising in Character Design. In the short time since his arrival in the Netherlands, he has started designing for a local fashion brand and collaborated with Milkshake Festival. He is now looking for an opportunity at a Design and Visual Effects studio.


Fine Artist

With a Bachelor's degree in Media Technology, Syrian-born Firas is also an experience Technician and Electrician. He combines these two passions in his metal and woodwork designs. He is looking for a position that will allow him place his unique skills within the media field.


Fine Artist

Amer is multi-talented fine artist and painter. In Syria he worked as a painter and illustrator for many years, before spending 3 years in Moscow doing theatrical make up design in a selection of high-end theatres. He is currently looking for work in an art gallery or museum as well as printing some of his intricate works on fabric.

richard mohammed


Graphic Designer

Richard is a Graphic Designer from Trinidad & Tobago with a unique ability to express his thoughts and desires in constructive and creative ways. Recently moved from the Caribbean to the Netherlands, he is now looking to grow and further develop his knowledge in landscape and architectural design. 



Zainab was born in Syria and studied Psychological Counselling at the University of Damascus. Passionate about volunteer work with refugees and children with special needs, Zainab would love to continue that here in the Netherlands. She speaks four languages; Arabic, Dutch, English, and Sign Language! 

yousef al-kabra


Theatre Director + Actor

Yousef is Palestinian and has a huge amount of experience as a director, actor, producer and dramaturg that he developed during his time spent in Lebanon. He is also experienced in festival planning. Yousef is now looking to collaborate with artistic and cultural productions here in the Netherlands.



Born in Syria, Amir began acting in theatres from an early age, quickly accumulating experience across many genres. Now in Rotterdam, he is widely involved in the theatre scene there. Currently he is looking for a career in the social sector, as he continues to act on the side. 



Simon has just started nursing school, however, he is passionate about image and video editing. Born in Eritrea, he is looking to connect with industry professionals here in The Netherlands in order to build his technical knowledge.  

loujain ahmad


Human Rights Law

Loujain is from Syria. She is passionate about human rights and standing up for marginalised communities. She hopes to start a Law degree at Leiden Hogeschool by the end of 2019. In the meantime, she is always looking for opportunities to help everybody understand their rights.

yousef al-kabra


Journalism + Literature

Writing has always been an important act of healing and satisfaction for Bahraini-born Ranwa. She has built up an impressive reputation in journalism, script writing, literary writing, and new media content creation. She is also a talented visual artist and has experience in cultural management and graphic design!

farah shretah


Actress + Filmmaker 

Farah has an impressive acting portfolio in both Syria and The Netherlands. In 2019, she played a leading role at De Parade, as part of the piece 'Trojaanse Wijven'.  She was also accepted  to study at AKV St. Joost for Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice.


Glass + Stone Engraving

Born in Yemen, Ali has discovered many different talents throughout his life. Now in The Netherlands, he dreams of launching his own business in engraving glass and stone designs. He is well known for his adaptability and strong business mind-set. 


Marine Technology

Okbit is from Eritrea. He is passionate about Marine Technology, but participated in our programme to expand upon his interests in Graphic Design and Photography. He is now ideally looking for a career as a Technician here in The Netherlands. 

ariya razmjou


Graphic Designer

Ariya is a talented visual artist from Iran. His background in graphic design and his time spent as a make-up artist have given him the ability to see the potential for beauty in everything and anything. At the moment he is working on expanding his creative portfolio to include fashion, interior design, and beauty here in the Netherlands.


Floral Designer

From Azerbaijan, Joey has an impassioned and well-trained eye for floral design. His biggest accomplishment to date is designing a floral piano for Lady Gaga! Now in The Netherlands, Joey was a designer for the 2019 Political Catwalk, and is always looking for new opportunities and companies to work with.

ahmad balaawi


Graphic Designer

A senior graphic designer from Jordan, Ahmad has been involved in a number of high-profile projects where has has obtained extensive knowledge of emerging technologies in new media. At the moment Ahmad is looking to develop his career in the direction of becoming an Art Director in the Dutch creative industry.

marwan youssef



Marwan is a freelance photographer from Syria based in Amsterdam. He discovered his passion for photography by documenting the every-day lived experiences of the Syrian War. Since arriving here, he has photographed numerous events and has been looking for ways to incorporate his unique eye for photography.He would love to work with and photograph artists, and dreams to have an exhibition one day soon.  

nagham abbu assaf


Graphic + Print Artist

Nagham is an ambitious and passionate artist from Syria. With a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University, she specialized in Graphics and Printmaking and has an additional two years experience in teaching art. Now based in Amsterdam, Nagham has already participated in three exhibitions since she arrived. 

matvey potapov


Video Storyteller 

Matvey is a video artist from Russia and has an extensive experience in creative-thinking and hands-on production. He has obtained a deep knowledge of videography and photography techniques while working internationally. Currently, Matvey is seeking a professional opportunity in branding and marketing. In the meantime, he has been busy producing campaign videos for Makers Unite and our collaboration with Ben & Jerry's.


Fine Art

Shaza is a talented painter from Syria. She has already participated in a number of collectives and exhibitions in the Netherlands, including being an active member of Fingers Group, a Syrian-Dutch diverse art collective based in Utrecht. 

khattar shaheen


Fine Art + Illustration

Khattar is a talented illustrator from Syria. During his studies in Academic Techniques of Drawing and Painting, he specialized in black and white illustrations. Since graduating, he has  worked on creating figures and illustrations for many published children’s books in Syria. Now living in the Netherlands, Khattar is ready for his next challenge: studying 2D Animation at AKV St. Joost in Den Bosch. 

mahmoud alnahas


Art Psychology + Coaching

Born in Syria, Mahmoud recently completed a Master's in Artist Education at Artez, where he focused on empowering children to become artists. His previous experience as an art trainer for Syrian children who lost their homes because of the war has given him truly unique abilities in linguistics, communication and compassion.




Human Resources

Gaidaa is from Syria and aspires to work in Human Resources, inspired by her wish to help others find their way in a new country as she once had to do. She has 10 years experience teaching English and now enjoys learning Dutch and is currently working at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. 


Fine Art

Osama is from Syria and works at a gallery in Amsterdam and busies himself with drawing and learning tattoo design. His previous occupations include teaching English and event organisation. He aspires to continue within these fields, while also collaborating with an artistic workspace here in Amsterdam. 



After passing through our program, Khaled  was connected to a job as an accountant at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute. However, Khaled was most excited to get out of his shell during the program. Having a stable income allows him to dedicate his free time to what he loves the most: volunteering in institutions for people with disabilities.  

mahmoud alnahas


Senior Architect

Muataz comes from Yemen, and has a BA in Architecture as well as an MBA in Business Administration. He worked for 14 years in Architectural Design and Project Management, but then had to move to Turkey, where he worked for humanitarian non-profit  to design houses for underprivileged students.



Philosophy Teacher

Maha is a Philosophy Teacher with many years of experience. She's also passionate about basketball. To combine both of her passions, she is looking to start a study as sports teacher and to learn Dutch as well.



Andranik is from Armenia. After graduating, he worked for a year as a history teacher, but then decided to follow his passion: he studied Classical Singing in Yerevan and worked in a Musical Theatre for 4 years. In the Netherlands, he wants to recreate himself as an artist and study Musicology in UvA.


Accounting + Photography

Aysha used to be an accountant, now she loves photography, especially nature photography. She also loves to meet new people and has a walking group in Amsterdam-Noord. She is learning Dutch at the moment.

mahmoud alnahas


Economics + Management

Osama has an Economics and Management background. He’s very excited to start learning the Dutch language and culture. In Syria he started a foundation where people could exchange different interests or skills. 



Law + Marketing

Fayaz has studied Law and he has also work experience in Marketing and Sales. Now he is learning Dutch and he is looking for a work opportunity, for example in marketing or social work. He’s flexible and a fast learning and likes to work in a team.



Samer studied Electronics and Communication Engineering in Damascus University.  Interested in building a future in the Netherlands with new steps in the field of Electronic Engineering. He has experience teaching in Syria in subjects related to electronics at MBO level.


Design + Statistician 

Mouin likes design, statistics, and arts. He would like to volunteer in social and sustainable design projects, like permaculture. He has a degree in Marketing and previously worked as in Statistics. He wants to follow courses in Programming soon.

mahmoud alnahas


Engineering + Data Analysis

Odai studied Technical Engineering and is now studying Data Analytics at Vrije Universiteit soon. Before he did a private course in small enterprise management and worked for several NGOs. He would like to continue working for NGOs and combining it with data analytics. Besides this is he’s a photographer.




Fashion Designer

Fares is a fashion designer from Syria with 12 years experience in couture techniques. He is working hard to become an independent fashion designer, and recently held a succesful fashion show here in the Netherlands.  He is also working together with Philine Zinnicq Bergman (Atelier Phi) on developing and producing a new clothing collection. 



Syrian-born Nouf gives theatre all her heart. She is a theatre and costume designer, but also has experience as a make-up artist. And, secretly, she also loves to act herself, because then she can run her big imagination wild living different lives at once. 


Fine Art

Fahed is a painter from Syria with extensive knowledge of art history and painting restoration. In his work, he uses techniques that the old masters he admires also use. Fahed would love to learn more about the Dutch world of museums and museology – preferably in the form of an opportunity where he can use his expertise in restoration and conservation. 

mahmoud alnahas


Artist + Graphic Design

Mazen is an artist and a graphic designer from Syria. He has been a great help in our first program as he prepared and shot all personal videos of the participants. He also was the first to participate in the artist in residency collaboration with Kunstfaam, together with Yazan. He now sits on our board of advisors. 



Fashion Designer

Dane is a very skilled tailor and fashion designer. In 2017, he was assisting our production manager in the weekly production sessions, overseeing production and the tailor team. He would love to learn more about pattern drafting, and dreams about setting up his own lifestyle fashion brand.


Interior Designer

Paul is an event organiser and interior designer with experience in fashion shows, weddings and theme parties. He likes to combine creativity with details, always with an eye for the guests and people he is organizing or facilitating for. He would love to put his organizing and decorating skills to use, learning more about set design - preferably in the fashion or creative industry. 


Arabic Teacher

Souria was an Arabic teacher and now works as a volunteer Arabic assistant teacher. She is great with the children and has 10 years of experience as a teacher in Dubai. She would love to teach Arabic to Dutch people!

mahmoud alnahas


Interior Design

Marwa is an interior designer and an illustrator with a university degree in interior design freelance experience in graphic wall painting & portraits.She is now working on the completion of her Master’s degree studies and also looking for a second internship in The Netherlands that can provide her with more professional experience. 




Noor is a freelance artist from Syria with a passion for fashion and accessories design. She originally studied engineering, but is now looking to professionalize her passion in creative design. Besides making jewellery, she works with various material such as charcoal, ink, and acrylic paint. Noor would love to become a tattoo artist, or learn more about product design. 



Batoul studied architecture, and participated in the second edition of the Kunstfaam art-residency. There, she found that she needed more space and experience to learn how to express her artistic ideas. Although she still wants to study architecture to be able to make this her profession eventually, she is also looking for additional training and opportunities to learn more about art and creative expression. 



Yazan is a sculptor from Syria, mostly working with stone and metal. He is always looking for expanding his professional network here in Holland and to meet other art professionals. Yazan participated in various Makers Unite events, such as a workshop in Paris with locals and newcomers, and the Kunstfaam residency. He also designed the bowls for our collection with Ben & Jerry's.

mahmoud alnahas



Nour is a cook from Syria, who makes both Syrian and Western dishes. He learned how to cook in kitchens of hotels, restaurants and hospitals, and blew everyone away at our last event together with BNO. He is looking for more cooking experience as broad as possible – as long as he can be in a kitchen preparing delicious food that makes people happy, Nour is satisfied.



Art Teacher & Illustrator

Marina has a lot of experience working as an art teacher for children and is a very skilled painter. She's also a freelance illustrator and multi-media artist. She is now looking for an art related professional experience in the Netherlands.


Music + Photography

Mohamed has worked as a music teacher and a photographer. He is experienced in Photoshop and is looking for a career in photography or image processing.



Osama finished his studies as an Accountant and I has more than 3 years of professional experience as a digital accountant. He is now looking for an accounting position in the Netherlands.

mahmoud alnahas



Santa is a creative that works with a lot of different material, but always with her hands - as it creates a direct connection with the things she makes. Santa doesn’t think about a dream job: as long as it is something creative, makes people happy, and creates a more sustainable world. 




“I don’t think I want to do anything other than architecture”. Rhohif loves the style of Le Corbusier, because it is simple and clear. She wants to develop her sketching skills, manually as well as digitally, so she can become a professional in her passion.



When Iman was small, she wanted to be a teacher. Here in the Netherlands she is looking to do something with or for other people. She likes cooking or working with a hairdresser or stylist.



Haytham is a pharmacist, with 3 years of experience. He is going to study MBO so that he can also work in a pharmacy here. He would like to work as a pharmacy assistant. He also loves to play chess, and participated in tournaments back in Syria.

mahmoud alnahas


Business Management

Avin has a background in business management - but as she just arrived in the Netherlands, she is exploring her opportunities. She is interested in learning what kind of tools and programs business professionals use here, so that she can adapt her knowledge.